Peak Performance & PreSet (Eva Lisa Trieu, S&OP manager Peak Performance)
Preset is used prior and during sales conference by country managers around the globe.Each country manager together with respective sales team enters an estimation of potentialsales quantity for their market. They can immediately compare their product estimates withsales target and margin objectives. This gives a great support as a first planning figure/forecast. The automatically calculated ABC analysis helps to determine the optimal
collection size. The blind estimates of salespeople are also compared to the initial estimate of Category managers and evaluated against actual order intake during pre-order period. The philosophy and functionality of Preset helped us to move in the right direction of digitalization.

ICHI & PreSet (Dorthe Himmelstrup, Brand director ICHI and BlendShe)
PreSet made it possible to combine digitalization of the collection book and delivering a modern and very efficient way for our sales force and partners to give feedback and ask questions on all collection items during the sales conference. Everybody was directly familiarwith the functionality of the system and no training was needed. Because of the high time pressure and busy program of collection launches, it is also essential that the system is fast and without technical issues. The stability and ease of use contributed highly to the immediate acceptance by all the fifty users who all indicated it is also fun to work with PreSet. Already during the feedback process, we can start analyzing the ratings and remarks using the ABC, consensus and rating report. It immediately signalizes the acceptance of and differences of opinion on the items in the different markets. It helps us to determine if product briefings came across and to react on unexpected comments. Working in the cloud and on iPad, PreSet also enabled us to get feedback in a fast and qualitative way during COVID-19 times.